Newburgh for Newcomers  is a volunteer-organized program designed

to attract new residents and business owners to the City of Newburgh, New York


What is Newburgh for Newcomers?

Artists have been the catalyst reviving desirable neighborhoods in America’s lively urban centers from Portland, Maine, to Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, Soho, San Francisco, DUMBO and beyond! We invite them to seek the bargains in studio space in the many 19th century and turn of the century commercial and industrial buildings throughout the city of Newburgh.


Young growing families who can’t afford a second or third bedroom in metropolitan New York or New Jersey will find a variety of houses or rentals allowing them to have the kind of space they can only dream about elsewhere. As a general rule, the down payment made on an apartment or house in Brooklyn is probably the full cost of comparable space in Newburgh.


Those who are part of the new economy and work from home or with telecommunications have found Newburgh ideally located with accessible bus and rail connections to Manhattan and easy driving distances into the city for appointments.


Our first event was held in June 2002 as a citizen-initiated grassroots labor of love, growing out of blue-sky brainstorming among long time residents in the historic district. We sought to reach out to people beyond the boundaries of Orange County to showcase the City and encourage people interested in affordable historic housing and preservation to buy and become urban pioneers in the second largest historic district in the state of New York. Later events included in-depth presentations and small group seminars. The national collapse of the housing market beginning in 2006 necessitated putting N4N on hold. Astute buyers know this may be the opportune time to look at Newburgh.



We Believe...

You value living in a culturally diverse urban environment in streetscape that is proportioned to a human scale. You are concerned about the environment and want a community that has an infrastructure of streets and water and sewer lines so as not to contribute further to the sprawl decimating valuable farm land in Orange County. You are challenged by the gritty and are bored by the smooth. Having seen too many buildings of pressed board springing up in clusters and rows, you prefer a home that comes with a bit of history, solidly constructed of wood, bricks, slate, and plaster. You like the idea of becoming connected with your house and community and making your mark upon them. Ultimately, what we value most about life in Newburgh is the human connection. It’s the sense of neighborhood and community that we’re helping to build and which you can tap into as a newcomer. If this is your first visit to Newburgh we trust your experience will be much like ours—a sense of the tremendous potential that is here in Newburgh resulting from the richness of its

architecture, history, and strong community spirit.



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